So I’ve been weary about starting this blog, but boredom has got the better of me and marathoning Parks and Recreation doesn’t seem to be relieving my panic in any way whatsoever.

Here’s the thing – I’m supposed to be moving to South Korea in just over a week. That’s the plan at least. I’m yet to sign a contract, apply for my visa or even book my plane tickets, but yes; ten days from now I’m expected to arrive in South Korea, ready to embark on a year long teaching excursion. I’ve been through the harrowing process of recruitment, – not through EPIK though, I just couldn’t deal with the frustratingly poor communication on their part – and I’ve since been accepted by a POE, and am due to start orientation in Gwanju on the 12th of August. Due to applying reasonably late in the recruitment process, I had quite a bit of difficulty getting all my documents in on time, and there’s a (strong) chance that I’ll get to the orientation a bit late. But that’s not the end of the world – or so Andrea, my lovely recruiter assures me.

I’m reasonably prepared to go; aside from being yet to inform many of my friends or even buying a suitcase, I’m not panicking too much. I’ve bought a years supply of deodorant and told my parents, and that’s half the battle right? Actually, I’m one of those people who only panics about the fact that I’m not panicking, so I get there eventually, however wayward the method.

So who am I and why am I doing this? My name is Liv, I’m an architecture graduate, and I’m really really bored. No seriously, I’m really bored. I’m from Wellington, New Zealand, and I honestly couldn’t imagine a more wonderful place to live. I’m madly, irrevocably, head over heels in love with this place. And this is why I need to leave. I gotta grow pair guise. I need to be terrified for a while so I can force myself to grow some balls. Or a titanium vagina. Whatever.

But first thing’s first. Receive that contract! Get that fucking Visa! Get on a plane! And somewhere in between probably pack a suitcase or something!  Panic some!

Eh. I’ll get there. Watch this space. Just maybe don’t watch it too hard aye.

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