So guess who’s moving to South Korea in 4 days? It’s okay, I’ll give you a minute.

It’s all on. But only just.

Monday was an insane day; all starting with missing the courier at 7.30 am. I was this close to receiving my contract and visa paper work, but alas. Life was all; ‘Do you really want this though Liv? Because LAWL no.’ I called NZ Post but they couldn’t track it. The number couldn’t be found in their system. They had to track the van instead. But couldn’t get a hold of it. Where are you Courier no.50?? The lady on the phone was really lovely, and said it would likely get back to the Wellington depot by 1.30 pm. She asked me if it was important. I said it was. For my visa I said.

‘Oh wow!.’ She replied. ‘Where are you going?’

I tell her.

‘You’re kidding! For how long?’

I tell her.

‘Jeez you’re brave. Is it a job then?’

I tell her.

‘Oh that’s incredible. Well I wish you the best of luck. It sounds very exciting. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. I’m sorry I can’t help you further.’

And that’s that. It was a conversation that instilled both pride and utter frustration.

I decided to go into Wellington – I’m a 40 min train ride outside of the city – and wait it out. I had 6 days till I was meant to fly out, and at this stage I didn’t have a Visa, a contract or a plane ticket. I was pretty desperate to get my visa application in. After about 5 hours of wandering around the city shopping up a storm – it was an actual storm HAHAHAHAHA weather joke. You’re welcome. – I got a call from the depot at 4 pm saying my package had arrived. I ran to the depot. I mean, I ran. And the rain was incredible. The depot is in a pretty industrial part of town, and along a pretty busy motorway, so from the rain to the massive logging trucks that would just seem to just miss me, but dowse me in filthy rain spray, I arrived at the depot an absolute mess. All my shopping was dripping wet too. But I really didn’t care.

I then called a taxi to take me to the library, where I manically filled out all the visa paper work. I ran down the road to the Korean Embassy, with what I thought was 4 minutes to spare, only to find out that the visa processing closed at 4.30, not 5. I kept ringing the bell till a young Korean lady answered. ‘Is it too late?’ I asked. She made a face at me and held a finger up to tell me to wait, and went back inside. She returned a few moments later, and ushered me in. She went through my file of stuff – it was a lot of stuff – I paid her the $70, and she said it would be ready by Thursday. I have NEVER been more relieved. And I let her know too. I was terrified that it would take up to 10 days, and that I’d miss the beginning of orientation. Which would suck a butt-tonne.

Anyway. That meant I could finally book tickets, tell my friends (yeah I know I’ve been a bit slack on that one) and just mentally prepare really. I’ve got an insane amount of leaving dinners to attend, which I imagine will involve copious amounts of alcohol and not a lot of sleep. Plus I’m yet to pack. Or even get a suitcase. Yeah, I know. It’s four days till I’m supposed to move to the other side of the world and today I lack the motivation to even put pants on, so…

It’s my last day with my parents though. They’re headed to Tonga tonight, so I’m using today as my last day to really relax. My Mum just gave me a massage – she’s kind of a professional and we kind of have a dedicated massage room in our house – so I think I’m doing relaxing well.

So that’s where I’m at so far.

The next time I post, I may very well be at the orientation in Gwangju, so that’s terrifying? Exciting? Bizarre? All those things. Yes, definitely all those things.

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