Stone! Two birds!


A present from the local church. Left on my desk at work. Because I  need to be whiter and less horny apparently. OH KOREA.

Also, I decided to make a coffee for the vice principal today. He’s a good dude. My efforts were met with applause from the staff. Uh. Korea say what??

Those are all the anecdotes I have for today. Because aside from a few sweet moments with some of my favourite younger students, the rest of the day was an amalgamation of awfulness. I can’t even tell you one thing, except to say that all I wanted to do was to give up, go back to NZ, curl up on my parent’s couch, eat cheese (I miss cheese desperately) and watch Shortland Street. My parent’s living room seems like nirvana to me right now. I want to live tweet crappy yet endearing NZ TV shows with the rest of my tiny country. I want to watch the news where we run out of things to report on and just run stories on cute animals. I miss the air of sarcasm, self deprecation, abashed pride and just general failure to take anything seriously. I miss the two degrees of separation that denies you any kind of anonymity; because they may have gone to school with your Mother, or is your doctor’s second cousin so you best be nice.  I miss having sarcastically abusive conversations with friends. I know how that sounds, but you have to understand that a month full of polite conversation is stifling. I miss pubs that play an appalling array of 70’s rock, 90’s one hit wonders and some more recent alternative gems. Just anything that isn’t K-pop really. I miss the train ride to Welly. I miss Vogels. I miss drinking water from the tap. I miss sitting in the kitchen till 2am, talking to my baby brother about everything and nothing till we fall asleep at the kitchen table. And don’t you tell me that at 19 he’s no longer a baby. Don’t you dare.

I could go on forever really. I mean, I miss how home always smells green. And it’s all this missing that makes me suspect I may be a little homesick. But hey. It’s been a month. And my New Zealand is a pretty hard place not to miss. I just wish I could tell it just how much.


3 thoughts on “Stone! Two birds!

  1. Hi Olivia
    When I eat a cube of cheese these days I think of you–a morsel of cheese as antidote for nostalgia.
    It is funny what you pine for when it’s no longer available. Cheese is pretty good though. Not sure about Shortland Street but definitely, yes, to the smell of the bush here in Pukerua Bay. Today that perfume is being blown away by gale force winds as is the promise of spring and, while you swelter, we freeze.
    The best thing about travelling abroad is the new view it provides of where we come from — its beauty and horniness. Grandma had a chuckle over that joke. Her painting was the first to sell in the Watercolour Society exhibition at St Paul’s Cathedral in Molesworth Street last week. She is chuffarooed.
    Dannie went eeling in the Waikanae River and caught three which he smoked. Three big joints. Haha. That could confuse a Korean. Are they really polite all the time? Your back must get a workout with all that bowing. Is that an anathema for violence or repression.
    Your baby brother went for his driving lesson today but because the stop lights on the van weren’t working he couldn’t sit it so rebooked for Wednesday fortnight. Bummer! Dannie paid the $88 rebooking fee so Ezra was easy about it. He’s taken your spot in the bed in the shed.
    Got an account here for you from ANZ Mastercard. Minimum payment due is $58 by 30 Sept. Closing balance is $1,939.16. Do you need me to let you know about these or are you keeping track of it online?
    It sounds like you have jumped in the deep end with this work. Thank god for all those swimming lessons you had and for having a great sense of humour.
    Forget Vogel it is made fast in a factory. Big Mama and Big Daddy oats by Purebread, leavened the old fashioned slow way is the bread to lust, along with cheese.
    Love and Cheese
    Cherllisha. Hug x x

  2. Hello Olivia,
    Anak I know exactly what you felling right now I remember the first Month when I arrived in New Zealand, I was living in Masterton, Wairarapa. I don’t know anybody except my girlfriend at that time or my fiance who brought me to NZ and a few new friends I just meet. I’m so alone and homesick, My english is very limited. Sometimes I cried. (who said boys don’t cry) I deed I must admit. After two Months I move to Wellington for work and gone flating in Mt Victoria the same Street where you where born number 28 Earls Terrace, for 6 Months I had a very nice flat mate with lots of friends and they become my friends too. I deed some sports like white water canoeing.
    Squash, Tennes. and on Christmas holiday I went Traveling hits hikeng down South Island to Nelson, Christchurh
    and we went to the Mountain to see the snow. Jet Boat ride. Back Wellington lots of Partys sounds familiar?
    I also have a very good job as a Signwriter in Miramar My Boss Win and late Graeme Thomas was so kind to me.They even let me stay at their place for a while until I fine a flat. I meet a Pilipina who maried to kiwi guy.
    They help me look for a flat, other Pilipinos. My work mates becomes my great friends as well. Then I meet your
    Mum. (my girlfriend at that time Kathrine Stroppel the who brought me to NZ) we drifted apart and the end because She’s working in Masterton and I’m Working in Wellington at first I still got my flat in Masterton with her as will in Wellington. On the weekend I go back to Masterton, then comeback to Wellington by train at 5.30am
    on Monday morning. I deed that for a short while untill I got busy with my new friends. We don’t see each other
    enough that why relationship ended. Soon things change before you know it. For now keep strong and look after your self. We’re always thinking of you.
    Regarding with my job situation. Started my own Signwriting Business Blaza Signs. yes I work for my self. I have
    I base at Home. I can also work everywhere with my laptop computer. Sometimes I go and see my client and do the layout at there place. It makes a lot faster to get a result. I just farm out all my digital printing and computer cut letters. So far so good. I started to build up some client. Purebread is one of my client. I’m upgrading the Display stands on some shops likes Commonsense Organic Shops Moore Wilsons and New World and
    Pak n Save from Waikanae to Hutt Valley, Wellington, Miramar, Island Bay. Newtown. Not really a big job but this
    a good start.
    May I suggest to look for a nylon string guitar, tuner and capo. because this is your best buddy when you
    are studying Architecture.

    Keep smiling Keep shining.
    I love you.

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