Ours is Not a Caravan of Despair.


Been procrastinating about procrastinating about writing a new blog post for quite some time. I even considered just doing a whole post of copy and pasted tweets regarding my HILARIOUS anecdotes about life in Korea. The poor decision making moment has fortunately passed.


I have in fact made some poor decisions in the last month. Which I will cryptically leave at that. You’re welcome. I’ve also felt more at home than ever. I feel like I have family here now, and that’s a really nice feeling to have, particularly at this time of year. I should mention though, that I’m likely not feeling the same level of homesickness that many of my waygookan friends are experiencing. If I’m not mistaken, this homesickness seems to kick in pretty hard somewhere around thanksgiving. And I got to experience my first just a few weeks ago. I can’t speak for them in terms of how the holiday compared to a thanksgiving back home, but I can safely say that I’ve never felt so overwhelmed with…whatever the hell it was I was overwhelmed with. Thanks? OMG I GET IT NOW. But I’ll reiterate what I said as we went around the room and gave our thanks; and that is that despite feeling that my expectations of Korea were already exceeded in that first week of orientation, it was gatherings like this that remind me of the ‘fucking brilliant-arse decision I’ve made.’ So cheers to that. *downs soju shot* *cringes* *regrets everything*

What else has happened?

Oh. I HIKED. It was beautiful, magical, stunning, all those things. We visited a temple, drank sweet potato lattes, saw monks just chilling out drinking tea and laughing, sunbathed on massive river rocks, and attempted to meditate above the clouds. It was basically the last real week of autumn – it literally snowed two days later – and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned just how in awe of autumn I am. New Zealand may be four seasons in one day, but we’re talking wind, rain, sun and hail. And it’s green always. Always always. And while I just adore the greenness of home, you can’t help but be constantly in awe of the show that the seasons put on here. There’s a sense of dramatic flamboyance, and in more ways than one in this country.

Crash cut to winter. Holy shit. It’s cold dude. I’m freezing my proverbials off. But the good news is; snow is beautiful. And the kids dig it.

‘Winter here is a kind of cold where you just want to punch people in the face all day.’

This was how the other local waygook had described it. I’m happy to report that I haven’t reached this point, and likely never will. I think I’ve inherited enough hippie – it’s hereditary right? – for me to be incapable of ever resenting nature. Even if I do have to dodge the odd wayward snowball as I approach work every morning. I’ve never had to dodge a snowball before, so I’m just grateful for the opportunity to add another skill to the list. *successfully dodges another snowball* *high-fives life* I dodge it like Vince Vaughn in that fucking awful movie. Ugh. I hate Vince Vaughn. Especially at Christmas. I think statistics will show that contempt for Vince Vaughn is particularly high around Christmas. My sources are confidential though, so maybe just take my word for it. It’s a reliable source. But I digress. I said I couldn’t resent nature. I said nothing about the irrational and inconsequential resentment of Hollywood actors whose existences don’t affect my own in any way, shape, or form.

‘Any hope for a segue was lost…’

There’s so much more to say. I’m sure of it. It’s December 26th. Boxing day. Whatever that means. I can safely say that the holiday spirit has completely bypassed me this year. I can spout off a multitude of reasons why this is, but I think it’s a subconscious defense mechanism more than anything. Who really wants to remember how far away they are from their loved ones? There are exceptions I’m sure, but I’m not one of them. Yesterday was a perfectly lovely day with friends. It was nice and I was happy. I’ll leave it at that.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the school year. The following Monday is when Winter camp starts, which is essentially 3 weeks of doing whatever activities I want with a select group of kids. I guess I’ll eventually fill you in on how that all goes down. But maybe don’t hold me to that. Superheroes and travel. Them are the themes. My biggest fear is that I’ll have more fun than the kids. Biggest probability in fact.




But before all that will come a moment of reprieve. This weekend promises good things. All good things.

We like those.

Uh. End.

2 thoughts on “Ours is Not a Caravan of Despair.

  1. I’m so happy for you. I got a few Idea what you are capable of. So far you just proved some of them. Enjoy your
    break. I will email you soon regarding my new venture. in 2014,
    Love you x x x x

  2. What’s a segue? My Collins Pocket doesnt know either.

    Glad your mind/body/spirit has become accustomed to new concepts of ‘family’. Travelling is great for that. The journey within the journey. Exciting aye! As glad as you that you chose to fly. Partly because I remember how travelling expanded me and also more simply because I know you were appreciating your comfort zone here in Welly and Aotearoa but it wasn’t offering you much back.

    Thank you for your generous gifts. Grandma confined to Dannie how touched she was and Suzanne was chuffed and both surprised to get their special delivery gifts as we were too. Unexpected. The Barkers of Geraldine gift came in an eco friendly brown cardboard box with real wood shavings and, along with the thoughtfully chosen preserves, had a beautful 100% white cotton tea towel with fruits, berries and onion drawings screen printed in green on it. Also enclosed was a spring of sparkly miseltoe for kissing under. Love the little clay tea cups too : )

    Dannie and I both have successful gardens this year. Dannie has tomato, courgette, snowpeas and self seeded beans and I have broadbeans and beetroot and selfseeded beans.

    We are both pretty exhausted. Both busy right up to 25/12. Christmas day was our break and since then have been working on the brooklyn flat. Painted the walls throughout in this gorgeous colour that reflects the red in it at sunset and mauve in the shadows but it is actually a white base paint with black, red and brown ochre in it. Ceilings are still that creamy colour that was also on the walls and it complements that as well as the whiteware and white cupboards and the caramel wooden floor and carpets and also the bathroom colours. Well chosen (if I may say so myself) and a relief cos it took a morning to decide and it held up the works and you never really know what it will look line in the end. We thought of you yesterday when we were hard out,especially when we used the bathroom. There’s a lot of you in the bathroom paint job. It still looks good. Just needs a touch up here and there ont he chocolate brown colour mainly. In the process of seeing tenants already.

    I am going away from 2 Jan to 6 Jan with Alma to Taupo and in that time Dannie starts the bread run, then the Titahi Bay place becomes vacant the following week so Iyl be tidying that one up. Dannie has already renewed the back fence. Actually we are both a bit too busy at the moment. Never been this busy before but we are hanging in there. Spent the night at brooklyn 2 nights ago and went to see Ben Stiller’s new movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. We had tickets to Reading to use, wouldnt have seen it otherwise but we both really enjoyed it. Also ate the best pizza either of us can remember at Electric City loaded with stringy mozarella cheese (not fish and … sorry).

    Ezra’s been doing lots of Pak n Save shifts interspersed with inventing and making sound stuff as well as venturing out with his drinking buddies. They have a sober driver system.

    It is Sunday. Catching up with Karen Van Veen today.

    Are you still going to Japan?

    with love.

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