This seems like something worth mentioning.

Untitled-1So by now, I think the bulk of you know that I’ve decided to stay on in the ROK another year. So the opposite of what I’d planned basically. Although I think the ‘opposite’ of a non-plan would technically just be a ‘plan’, so forget I said anything; shut it down, kill it dead, nothing to see here.

There’s no honest to chosen-deity reason for my staying, but my feelings at the moment (yes, I do feel things, thank you Shnuggs) are that I’m not quite ready to leave yet. I LOVE New Zealand, I do. Almost sickeningly so, but it’s always gonna be there. There’s nothing I love more than coming home after a long day; but this particularly long, particularly wonderful day might just end up spanning a few years. Probably not entirely in Korea – it’s kind of phenomenal how many places and faces a person can squeeze into a single day right? There’s just SO much more to do. So many places to see, so many people to meet. It’s all kind of an obscene amount of fun. Plus, anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that impermanence is the the key to a healthy, happy me. A.k.a. the ball pit of denial I call life.

New job, new city, new friends. No less scary than last time, except now I’m lucky enough to also have people in Korea I can call ‘old’ friends. Although the bulk of you are actually younger than me. But that’s okay too, because I’m very wisdomous and have much wisdom to pass on about [think of something and insert here before publishing DON’T FORGET DUMMY].

Plus, I’ve mastered those bus ticket machines by now, so one more year and i might just have a handle on these Starship Enterprise fandangles they call toilets. First the toilets, then; the world.


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