Round Two! *Ding Ding Ding*: and Other Sports Sounds

*whispers* ‘I see foreign people..’

So, that’s partly due to moving to Suncheon, and no longer being the token foreigner, but i mean, (realtalk) I went back to NZ last week and I did a hellavalot of staring. You westerners got some crazy-arse hair and I dig it. Hard. It would seem that beards is also a thing, and ya’ll seem to have gotten the memo about being 6 feet tall, so that’s like, cool or whatever. Of course, I had lots of other thoughts and feelings about being back home, but all you really need to know is that the hair was great and I ate a lot of cheese. And you don’t even really need to know that.

Today is my first day working at my new school – and by working, I do mean refreshing my facebook newsfeed for 4 hours, eating lunch, and then watching documentaries about treehouses for another 4 hours. My arse is BEAT. And then of course, I return to my apartment – which is a trillion times bigger than the last – and inevitably bump into another English teacher in the lift. And then I’m 10 years old again, and at a school dance feeling pressured to dance with a boy, but it’s like; how does one even make contact with aliens? The dumb thing is, the aliens are probably super chill, and it’s not their fault that I’ve forgotten how to people.

So that’s the struggle at the moment. Imaginary. Completely in my head. It ain’t real.


The last couple of months at my last schools was kind of a long drawn out goodbye, and involved getting a lot of lovely presents and letters from the students and staff. The vice principal – who i think was the saddest about my leaving – tried to spend as much time with me as possible, which was the sweetest thing. I think my favourite was when he surprised me by picking me up before school, and showing me around the local market, introducing me to some of his childhood friends who were now vendors. Dude even took me to the street where he grew up. What a dude. Nice people are just nice, you know?

This summer in Korea has involved spending a lot of time at the beach, camping, festivals, saying goodbye to friends, meeting new ones, and even a bit of mud wrestling thrown in there. At one point we found ourselves leading a parade, and with a water gun filled with paint thrust into our hands, we, confused, obligingly took to running through the street soaking middle schoolers and unimpressed ajummas. There was also Korea Burn, which is basically Burning Man: The Korea Edition. There’s no goddamn way I’m going in to detail about that, but to summarise; nudity and body-paint. Do with that what you will.

There’s not much else more to say really. I can wear shoes inside at my new school. Which is insanity. Got a tattoo. Long overdue. I have fairy lights and Balinese sarongs hanging on the walls of my apartment, because who doesn’t secretly crave the approval of Tumblr hipsters?? Being robbed of my tablet in Hongdae has encouraged me to take up doodling. With like, a pen and paper, just as the cavemen did. So at least I’m doing something creative. Crass as it may sometimes be. And at least I’m still loving this life.

Crass as it may sometimes be.