P is for Pffffft.

blog_9 house

Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy.

Love. Infatuation. Obsession. Call it what you like. All this bird knows is that she’s utterly consumed. I’m feeling things that I haven’t felt in a long time. I’m madly and irrevocably head over heels in love. With a HOUSE.


Actually, I don’t know if it’s the house itself or the idea of the house that I’m in love with. But that’s always it isn’t it? You fall in love with the idea of something and then hope the idea and the thing itself fall in sync? Like that 8th shot of soju? Or buying a 4-pack of stockings when you don’t even know if they’re the right colour? Or like MOVING TO SOUTH KOREA? STOP TALKING NONSENSE, SELF. Okay, so I think I’m in love with both. The thing and the idea. The thing being; a house nestled against a hill in the Korean countryside. The idea; the completely self sufficient, hands-on, loved up process that went into building and sustaining it.

Okay, I’m in LOVE with the idea. But I’m in LUST with the thing. Oh my god, JUST GET ON WITH IT ALREADY. I’ve barely even started and I’m already at that point, that inevitable point that I reach with every blog post, where I regret ever having started anything and become wildly disillusioned with my life and the world – but mostly just the blog post; because I’m a normal rational human woman who has normal rational emotions regarding her own personal internet ramblings. So to summarise; I’m 70% sure I know what this blog post is about, and the other 30% is just persistence fueled by social accountability to keep this very da-fuq(?) blog updated. This blog is very confused about what it’s supposed to be and what the function of math is.

‘P is for Point’

The school guidance counselor invited some of us to his house after the school’s talent show today because we finished early. It was on a hill, smack bang in the middle of nowheresville. We drank tea. We ‘ooohed’ and ‘aaaahed’. I liked the house very much. It was a very good house.

‘E is for Example’

Here. Pictures. Look see.

blog_11 house

‘C is for Comment’

Well la-de-dah you say. A cutesy little house you say. ‘Pfffft’ you…say. Then you toss your hair and strut away. Because for some reason I’m imagining you’re Spanky dressed in drag. But you see Spanky, the man built this house with his bare hands. Literally. An adobe built outer with a tree-house like inner. The house had a swing at the entrance, gooseberry vines enveloping the exterior, green beer bottles through the clay walls that let streams of emerald light in, ladders and bookshelves for days, and patch-worked everything else. If it wasn’t made by hand, it was found. Everything they served us was from the garden, everything they served it on was made from the forest that surrounded us. Our parting gifts were hand-made soap and a bag to collect berries in as we made our way down the long berry laden driveway and over the river to our cars. Even the music we were listening to was recorded by them; the wife being a ukelele teacher for the outer-lying country schools. Well of course she is.

blog_10 houseOne thing that was constantly running through my head was; ‘Omg I wish my parents could see this,’ with another being; ‘Omg I wish I understood what everyone was saying.’ In fact, I think the reason I was so taken with these people and this place, was that they seemed like people my parents would be friends with. Wonderfully eclectic, creatively ambitious, musically present, joyful and carefree individuals.

So I fell in lust with a house. And I fell in love with an idea. It reminded me of why I’d been doing what I’d been doing for the past 6 years of my life. And I can’t even really elaborate much on that to be honest. But the thing about Korea, is that everybody lives in an apartment. It’s the status-quo; with exceptions reserved solely for farmers. And being in this house was such a shift from that. I fell in love with the idea that I will get to do this someday. Because I will. I mean, I sorely lack ambition. In a BIG way. To the untrained eye, this may just look like laziness, but no, I assure you it’s just lack of ambition. And no, they’re not one in the same. Why? Because shut up.

So I will continue to happily meander through life, with at least one thing that I will eventually reach for. Maybe. Probably. Fingers crossed.

Maybe the abridged version of this post is that I saw a pretty house and learnt nothing.

Here’s hoping the next post is that clear cut.

And hopefully there will be more coming soon!  But don’t hope too hard!  Just hope a medium amount!

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