A mug for my thoughts?


I was called into the school nurse’s office after lunch today. I haven’t really had much communication with the school nurse, but she’s a very vogue woman who’s always handy with a genuinely broad smile. She practically beams at me every time I see her.  So I went to her office – which happens to be the warmest, nicest smelling, most colourful and most Zen nurses office I’ve ever seen. ‘Present’ she says, and she hands me a green package. I opened it tentatively, obviously a little confused. Inside was an incredibly expensive – according to my co-teacher – traditional Korean ceramic mug. She was giving it to me with a ‘Mother’s love’ I was told. Something to keep me warm. ‘From my heart to yours’ she said, ( with the aid of a translator) holding one hand to her heart and the other to mine. I was understandably floored, and she very happily accepted my hug.

It so happens that her daughter had moved to New Zealand to study for a year a couple of years back. During that time she’d missed her terribly. So despite having had nil verbal contact with this woman, the smiles exchanged in the school hallways weren’t summoned out of simple politeness, but from a place of genuine caring. To her I’m that young girl far away from home, and could do with something to keep me warm. So I’m definitely feeling pretty warm these days. Despite completely freezing my tits off.

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